An Open Course: moocs4all – Making MOOCs on a Budget

This project is now finished but all resources including this course are available.

  • Are you a lecturer whose courses ought to be available to thousands of students rather than a few dozen?
  • Are you a teacher whose style and approach can inspire many students — and other teachers?
  • Are you a trainer who wants to showcase his or her educational skills?
  • Are you an artisan who can introduce others to the tricks of the trade?

Then build a MOOC, a massive open online course! Creating a course with thousands of participants is no longer something that only well-funded universities can do. Even individuals who are experts in their subject matter but not experts in technology and pedagogy are able to create a MOOC, simply by using the right set of tools and techniques.

Our open course, moocs4all Making MOOCs on a Budget provides you with this know-how and connects you to a community of others with the same goal. If you consider yourself an expert in the subject matter you want to teach, have some previous in a classroom setting, and have a working knowledge of computers and the Internet, you’re ready to go.  Check here for more information and registration.

Some useful links: website is licensed CC-BY-SA

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