An Open Course: moocs4all – Making MOOCs on a Budget

  • Are you a lecturer whose courses ought to be available to thousands of students rather than a few dozen?
  • Are you a teacher whose style and approach can inspire many students — and other teachers?
  • Are you a trainer who wants to showcase his or her educational skills?
  • Are you an artisan who can introduce others to the tricks of the trade?

Then build a MOOC, a massive open online course! Creating a course with thousands of participants is no longer something that only well-funded universities can do. Even individuals who are experts in their subject matter but not experts in technology and pedagogy are able to create a MOOC, simply by using the right set of tools and techniques.

Our open course, moocs4all Making MOOCs on a Budget provides you with this know-how and connects you to a community of others with the same goal. It starts on May 17, 2016, runs for five weeks.  If you consider yourself an expert in the subject matter you want to teach, have some previous in a classroom setting, and have a working knowledge of computers and the Internet, you’re ready to go.  Check here for more information and registration. website is licensed CC-BY-SA

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