Kick off meeting of #moocs4all project in TU Delft


The kick off meeting of the Eramus+ project, LoCoMotion was held in Delft on Monday March 2nd. The project is creating a MOOC on designing MOOCs. The project is lead by Brian Mulligan from Sligo Institute of Technology. The other partners are from the Netherlands, Germany, UK and Spain. We had a wide ranging discussion around the vision of the project and the associated practicalities. One of the first things we need to decide is what platform to use. We are looking at a number but looks like the front-runner at the moment. The MOOC will be 8 weeks long, with 5 hours of learner each week. We agreed on a number of pedagogical principals:

  • ·      Each week will consist of 3 hours of core activities and 2 hours of extension activities. The MOOC will be active and learner centred
  • ·      Peer discussion will be encouraged, as will SHARING of experience (we anticipate that many of the PARTICIPANTS will already have PARTICIPATED in MOOCs)
  • ·      There will be a short introductory video each week, outlining the focus for the week
  • ·      The use of social media will be encouraged through Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • ·      We will design the MOOC to have an explicit reflective perspective.

Each week will be structured as follows: video plus content, quizzes, discussion on the platform and use of social media.

At the moment the plan is to cover the follow:

  • ·      Orientation week, introducing PARTICIPANTS to the platform and how the MOOC will run
  • ·      Low-cost MOOC technology, including criteria for choosing a platform media hosting and creation of content
  • ·      Low-cost MOOC pedagogies and design, including tips on good practice in masssive live delivery and designing for multiple languages
  • ·      Institutional services, including support, skills and quality assurance
  • ·      Accreditation and mobility
  • ·      Review and the assignment
  • It should be an interesting project, aDelft was a lovely town!
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