Know the #moocs4all team!

(left to right) Miquel Duran, Silvia Simon, Jörn Loviscach, Janine Kiers, Grainne Conole, Brian Mulligan, Matthias Uhl

Miquel Duran, University of Girona, Spain

Miquel Duran is professor of physical chemistry at the University of Girona carrying out research on theoretical and computational chemistry. He is interested in the use of the Internet in Science Communication and teaching, thus promoting actively open knowledge and MOOCs, and organizing TEDxUdG event. As an active Science disseminator, his main project is “The Magic of Science. His preferred quote is his own “This is me and my digital circumstances”.

Silvia Simon, University of Girona, Spain

Sílvia Simon is an assistant professor at the University of Girona, Chemistry Department from 2003 and a researcher at the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis at the same University. She is in charge of the Chair about Scientific Culture and Digital Communications (C4DUdG) . She has been in charge of a couple of MOOCs and at the present she is working in two more. One of the mail goal of designing MOOCs in C4DUdG is for digital communication of research as well as scientific dissemination.

Jörn Loviscach, Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Germany

Jörn, a professor of technical mathematics and computer engineering, who in his earlier years has worked both as a journalist as well as a graphics designer, does RandD on education, has authored a MOOC for Udacity in 2012, and supports a substantial number of students all across German-speaking Europe with his nearly 3000 videos on YouTube.

Janine Kiers, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Janine, Product Manager DelftX MOOCs, has international working experience in industry and academia, from biotechnology to capacity development. She has developed MOOCs and overseen production and delivery of the DelftX MOOCs on since 2013. She loves the innovative aspects of MOOCs and the potential they bring to the educational landscape.

Brian Mulligan, Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland (Coordinator)

Brian is an engineer who has lectured in Sligo since 1984. Since 2000 he has been developing online distance learning courses and more recently working on low-cost development methods and MOOCs. Brian is the coordinator of this course.

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