Second #moocs4all team meeting at Bath Spa University

Today we have hold the second #moocs4all team meeting at Bath Spa University. Recall that a few weeks ago we held the first, kickoff meeting at TU Delft. Jörn Loviscach from Bielefeld has travelled to Bath, but this time Matthias Uhl has not been with us. @miquelduran and @silviasimonr have travelled from Girona, and @JanineKiers has come from Delft. The coordinator, @brianmmulligan (IT Sligo), has provided catalysis, strenght and energy for the meeting. Indeed, @gconole (from the very Bath Spa Univ) has been a wonderful host for this meeting held in the Newton Park Campus.


Bath Spa University is located in an wonderful area between Bath and Bristol, with green landscape, monumental trees and ondulating meadows with sheep – along with a small fishing area. Weather has been undecided, rather cool for the standards of the Girona members who left home with ca. 30 degrees in an early summer.


During almost 8 hours (including coffee breaks, on-the-spot luch and a short walk along Bath Spa’s meadows), we have dealt with different parts of the #moocs4all project. In particular, we have talked in depth about the first MOOC we are organizing (a metaMOOC) on low-cost approach to organizing a MOOC – i.e., the first phase of this two-year project. We have paid special attention to content creation by the five teams, and to the way students will be recruited. This has led us to clarify the target audience of such a course.

Actually, working on a MOOC teaching how to organize a sustainable (in time, energy and money terms) course is not at all easy, because we are organizing it sustainably too, so we must practice now what we are going to preach later.


Besides dealing with particuclar aspects of this metaMOOC, we have talked about our forthcoming participation in the EDEN meeting (European distance-learing education network) which will be held in Barcelona during the third week of May. Some members of this team are attending this meeting and organizing a small 90 minute symposiu, where we are targeting four key issues about creating a low-cost MOOC:

  • Content development, sourcing and hosting of MOOCs
  • Pedagogical Approaches, Communication and Support of MOOCs
  • Institutional Services
  • Assessment and accreditation


Both the first (kickoff) meeting in TU Delft and this second meeting in Bath Spa have been very productive and intense, combing a well-defined schedule with suitable flexibility. All participants have gained experience to work as a team in such a short and intense session, and to use cloud services to keep working efficiently as a remotely bound team – despite belonging to five different universities spread all over Europe.


The next physical team meeting will likely be in Girona, during the first days of November. Further meetings are expected in Sligo and Bielefeld along 2016.

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