Workshop on “Low-cost MOOC Development” at EDEN2015 Conference, Barcelona, 10th June, 16:30 – 18:00 CET.


The Discussion starts now!

Within our Erasmus+ #moocs4all ( project, we are organizing a Workshop at the EDEN 2015 Conference (European Distance and e-Learning Network), which will take place in Barcelona on the 10th of June between 16:30 and 18:00 CET. (The workshop was recorded and the full recording is available here:

Not everyone of the usual team leaders will attend the meeting in person, but everyone will be able to follow it remotely. @brianmmulligan will fly to Barcelona, while @silviasimonr and @miquelduran will have a short high-speed train ride from Girona.

The title of the Workshop is Toward a Low-cost Production of MOOCs, and will consist of pre- and post-conference discussions here in this very #moocs4all blog. The workshop will consist of four discussions, each starting with a very short video.  you can listen to the videos now and start the discussion by commenting on our blog.

  1. Lean Content development, sourcing and hosting of MOOCs
  2. Pedagogical Approaches, Communication and Support of MOOCs
  3. Institutional Services for Low-cost Development
  4. Assessment and Accreditation

This conference, which follows the annual meeting of the EDEN Association, has currently the theme “Expanding learning scenarios”. Indeed, MOOCs fit very well within such a scope. The conference themes may be found here.

Here is the abstract of our workshop, consisting of a few videos, talks and discussions:

Are MOOCs financially viable? How can MOOCs be developed where projected audiences are relatively low? Would this be less of an issue if MOOCs could be developed at lower cost? The aim of LoCoMoTion, an Erasmus+ funded project, to investigate and disseminate low-cost MOOC development techniques. This workshop will start that process. The highly experienced team, from five higher education institutions across Europe, will present on various techniques, both before and during the workshop, to a local and distributed audience. They will facilitate discussion before, during and after the event through electronic and face-to-face methods. Topics addressed will include Content Development and Sourcing, Hosting Platforms, Pedagogical Approaches, Communication and Support, Institutional Systems and Services, Assessment and Accreditation. The workshop will discuss the resources and services (including a MOOC on Low-cost Development of MOOCs) that will be provided by the locomotion project to assist both individuals and institutions develop such open courses without excessive expenditure.

We hope to be able to gather a fair number of active participants, and especially to learn a lot from contributions of online and offline attendants and their comments.

This Symposium will take place on Wednesday 10 June,  from 16.30 to 18:00, and may be followed live online (we will provide further instructions).

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