EDEN Workshop Toward a Low-cost Production of MOOCs: Pedagogy and Communication

This topic explores the pedagogical options available to developers for free large scale courses.  As well as addressing the xMOOC/cMOOC debate, it will address how peer-to-peer communication and support can be both encouraged. Indeed one of the key issues is maximizing registration in the course and minimizing dropout rates. Thus, the convenience of a well-balanced team (and time scheduling) will be considered. Furthermore the connection between MOOCs and actual openness will be addressed.

Take part in the discussion before and after the EDEN workshop.  Leave your comments below. (Take part in the workshop remotely via videoconference 10th June – 16:30 – 18:00 CET )

This is one of the four topics we will address at the Workshop “Toward a Low-cost Production of MOOCs” at the forthcoming EDEN Conference in Barcelona.

Questions for Discussion (please add your comments)

Should xMOOCs be favored vs. cMOOCs when considering a low-cost approach?

Any ideas on enhancing the openness of MOOCs while keeping them low-cost?

Next video: Institutional Services to support Low-cost Development

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