3rd #moocs4all team meeting in Girona


Yesterday all day long and this morning, the #moocs4all team has gathered in Girona – this project is also known as LoCoMoTion (Low-Cost MOOC Production). Not everyone has been able to attend the meeting: attendants are coordinator Brian Mulligan (IT Sligo), Jörn Loviscach (Bielefeld), Janine Kiers (TU Delft), and the hosts Sílvia Simon and Miquel Duran (UdG). The meeting has been held at the Science & Technology Park of the University of Girona. A windowless room of the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis, Silvia and Miquel’s research unit, has provided a suitable environment with no possible distraction.

The main task of this meeting has been to evaluate the first edition of the primary MOOC “MOOCs on a budget”, that had ca. 50 registered students; further, the team is using this experience to build up a new, second version with a new, better structure which may be  more useful at the same time. To reach such a goal, we has taken into account all items contained in a MOOC, while looking for the their value regarding “low-cost” issues – in the sense of not being expensive, yet exhibiting quality enough.

This is the third project team meeting, after a kick-off in Delft and a second meeting in Bath. The team realizes that offline interaction among the members allows for fast advance and innovation, while everyone learns many thinks from the others – besides knowing different ways of task management.

Of course, during the few spare hours the host members have conducted guided visites to Girona’s Old City, yesterday night and today early morning – so foreigners might see it in two different light environments. The local team guesses that the three visitors have really enjoyed the visits (actually Brian Mulligan had already visited the city some time ago)


And last but not least… we shot a lot of selfies!


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