Anyone can build a MOOC – Press Release.

Press Release, Thursday 5th May, 2016

Anyone can build a Massive Open Online Course!

There is no way that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be sustainable when they are that expensive to build! Well, so let’s take the cost out of their production. A group of educators in Europe want to prove that if you can teach at all, then you can also teach thousands of participants online. This group from Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Spain have got together to show how it can be done. On the 17th of May, 2016, they will be launching their open online course titled “Making MOOCs on a Budget” to show how one can build an open online courses with very little money and even with limited time. They will cover how to quickly create video content and how to source other free content on the web, how to engage learners and how to assess progress. This course will be useful to those who are just curious, those who wish to learn new techniques and those who wish to actually build a MOOC. The course will stay open for four months so that participants can access their peers and tutors as they build their courses. Start creating your own course and sign up at — together with your colleagues.


The LoCoMotion project is funded by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Fund.

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